Rewriting IRRTools? [was: Re: [irrtoolset] Segmentation fault on peval]

Tim Streater tim.streater at
Fri Nov 4 16:13:21 UTC 2005

At 15:50 04/11/2005, João Damas wrote:

>On 4 Nov, 2005, at 15:02, Simon Leinen wrote:
>> Marco d'Itri writes:
>>> (Instead of trying to debug this huge mess of C++ code I choose to  
>>> just
>>> rewrite in perl the parts I needed:
>> Over the years of problems with IRRToolSet, it had come to my mind
>> that this would probably be best - just rewrite the whole thing in
>> Perl.  ISC, did you consider this route?
>We do not currently have resources for a full re-implementation by  
>ISC itself, as no one is sponsoring this work. If there are people  
>around who think this would be useful we can just act as a hosting  
>place for the group to work and publish the work, much like we do for  
>Other option is to go along with Marco, who is doing a good job.


Errr, now I am puzzled. I thought this package was handed over to ISC to support and enhance, to continue what RIPE had previously been doing. Is/was this not the case? 

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