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Sun Nov 6 12:58:03 UTC 2005


Thus wrote Marco d'Itri (md at Linux.IT):

> I think that a more realistic goal would be to use the IRR to gather
> data about other people's networks, which is more practical to deploy
> and much easier to support by tools since the only relevant objects are
> route[6], inetnum[6], as-set and rs-set.

I would think it practical to take one info from aut-num, and that
is which as-set a given peer AS wants to announce to oneself.

Also, a 'lint' functionality that tells one if one's own RPSL objects
are sane is sometimes helpful, especially if it produces verbose output
to hit the guilty party over the head with. :) (Even just checking if
for any given import statement with as-set if the AS supposed to be
announcing it is contained within, and if both exist, would prevent
many stupid errors; also checking if the AS exports that as-set to
oneself would be even better).

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