RtConfig and IPv6 (only)

Harald Michl harald.michl at univie.ac.at
Fri Aug 29 11:28:30 UTC 2008


We use RtConfig for years to produce IPv4 BGP inbound filter prefix-lists.
It perfectly works with:

RtConfig -disable_access_list_cache -cisco_skip_route_maps

@RtConfig set cisco_prefix_acl_no = 3248
@RtConfig import AS1120 AS3248

Is it possible to generate these lists for ipv6 only?

If I apply:
@RtConfig set cisco_prefix_acl_no = 3248
@RtConfig import AS1120 2001:7F8:30:0:1:1:0:1120 AS3248

I do get IPv4 and IPv6 lists, but only the IPv4 list gets the right
number (we always take the same as the peering-as-number). The IPv6 list
gets number 100.

What should I do, if I need only the IPv6 prefix-list and want to set
the number for that list?

btw: is there anywhere a man-page out where to read ipv6 relevant

TIA for your answers,

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