Error handling with broken AS-SET

MMC mmc at
Mon Jan 14 06:11:32 UTC 2008

We've got a peer which has a VERY large AS-SET referencing a very large 
number of other AS-SETs including "AS-11908".
"AS-11908" is broken because it has multiple member lines with commas at 
the end of each line (and repeated ASes) in the Level3 database (they 
seem to have other, different versions scattered amongst various DBs).

as-set:        AS-11908
descr:         Verestar
members:       AS20598,AS12455,AS18059,
members:       AS11300,AS20312,AS2277,AS3741,AS3741,
members:       AS10530,AS10530,AS10530,AS10530,AS10530,

This leads to errors like:

***Error: argument to members should be list of union as_number, 
members:       AS11300,AS20312,AS2277,AS3741,AS3741,

over and over again

Given that this isn't too bad to recover - is someone able to patch 
RtConfig to cope with this?   Or give me some hints as to how?


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