RIPE NCC - ISC agreement to work together to move IRRToolset

Hagen Boehm hboehm at brutus.NIC.DTAG.DE
Thu Jul 31 12:49:59 UTC 2008


On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 10:07:44AM +0200, Joao Damas wrote:
> Recently ISC and the RIPE NCC agreed on a set of steps that will  
> hopefully help with IRRToolset's future development.
> We will be creating a new site dedicated to IRRToolset, based on Trac,  
> and move all the current web pages and source code repository to it,  
> to enable better community participation.

thanks for the info. That's good news! :-)

> At the same time, in September, we will incorporate all the loose  
> pending bits and pieces and produce a new release of IRRToolset.
> ISC will also dedicate periodic engineering time to round up  
> contributions and do release engineering work to make sure future  
> development get folded into the mainstream release.

Ok. I would like to sign on for a little demand on that engineering time
already now, if possible. :-)

On behalf of Ruediger Volk I developed a few extensions for the ToolSet and
there are also some patches ready to integrate if they were not integrated
already. All these changes were made on a private copy of IRRToolSet v4.8.4.
I called this forked version "IRRToolSet-4.8.4-HB". Its latest version is
available at

There you can also find a little description of the extensions integrated in
my forked version. All patches I wrote so far are integrated in that version
too and you can get a listing of these patches here:

maybe some of them are of interest to some of you as well, and perhaps there
are some people who find the extensions worth to be integrated in a next
official IRRToolSet version. It would be nice to hear about that, if so. :-)
So be warmly asked for downloading the code and play around with it. Fair
comment is always welcome! :-)

> The Trac site will enable volunteers to more directly contribute so we  
> encourage interested parties to participate.
> As I say this will take place as early in September as possible
> Regards
> Joao Damas

Best regards,

   Hagen Boehm

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