RIPE NCC - ISC agreement to work together to move IRRToolset

Joao Damas Joao_Damas at
Thu Jul 24 11:11:33 UTC 2008

whatever people want it to be, really, once the new site is up.


On 24 Jul 2008, at 12:24, Nick Hilliard wrote:

> Joao Damas wrote:
>> Recently ISC and the RIPE NCC agreed on a set of steps that will  
>> hopefully help with IRRToolset's future development.
>> We will be creating a new site dedicated to IRRToolset, based on  
>> Trac, and move all the current web pages and source code repository  
>> to it, to enable better community participation.
>> At the same time, in September, we will incorporate all the loose  
>> pending bits and pieces and produce a new release of IRRToolset.
>> ISC will also dedicate periodic engineering time to round up  
>> contributions and do release engineering work to make sure future  
>> development get folded into the mainstream release.
>> The Trac site will enable volunteers to more directly contribute so  
>> we encourage interested parties to participate.
>> As I say this will take place as early in September as possible
> Joao,
> that's great news.  What will the policy be on third party write  
> access to either the Trac or the irrtoolset source code repo?
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