RtConfig - local-pref and multiple imports

Ruediger Volk, Deutsche Telekom T-Com - TE141-P1 rv at NIC.DTAG.DE
Fri May 30 08:14:10 UTC 2008

  > Hi all
  > I am having issues with RtConfig
  > I am importing multiple route-sets from another AS, using different
  > local-pref values
  > The policies seem correct, as "whois" shows the correct local-pref values.
  > However RtConfig give a local pref of 1000 minus the value in the policy
if memory serves me...
Within BGP it can be considered an anomaly that the local-pref metric uses
the opposite ordering compared to all other metrics;  RPSL seems to try to
"cure" this (which probably is as bad an idea as the anomaly in BGP)

  > Also when I have mulitple import statements, ecah specifying a different
  > route-set from the same remote AS, RtConfig only pays attention to the first
  > import statements in the IRRD, it does not provide any configs for the
  > subsequent route-sets.
probably actual data would be needed to figure out what you are seeing,
and probably also what software version you are using....
(sorry, I cannot volunteer to help more).

  > Does anyone have any hints about what could be going wrong here?
  > Thanks much

Ruediger Volk

Deutsche Telekom AG -- Internet Backbone Engineering

E-Mail:  rv at NIC.DTAG.DE

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