RtConfig - local-pref and multiple imports

Matthew Moyle-Croft mmc at mmc.com.au
Fri May 30 08:17:18 UTC 2008

Jorma j wrote:
> The policies seem correct, as "whois" shows the correct local-pref values.
> However RtConfig give a local pref of 1000 minus the value in the policy
Yes, it has a different idea to the way, for example, Cisco deal with 
it.  Unfortunately you just need to keep that in mind when you populate 
the whois db.  I guess it's important to understand that the language is 
portable across different vendor equipment.   So, just make sure your 
required values are between 0 and 1000 and set the whois db to be 
1000-<configured value>

eg.  if you want it to be localpref of 1000 on a Cisco, use localpref=0 
in whois.
> Also when I have mulitple import statements, ecah specifying a 
> different route-set from the same remote AS, RtConfig only pays 
> attention to the first import statements in the IRRD, it does not 
> provide any configs for the subsequent route-sets.
Can you provide an example configuration?   We certainly do this and 
don't seem to have an issue.

> Does anyone have any hints about what could be going wrong here?
> Thanks much

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