New IRRToolSet development site

Shane Kerr Shane_Kerr at
Wed Sep 17 15:31:10 UTC 2008


As Joao announced in July, the RIPE NCC and ISC had agreed to move
IRRToolSet development to a new site based on Trac.

The site is now up and operational:

A number of fixes have been merged into the new Subversion repository (I
will send a separate mail about each of these shortly).

We should probably have some guidelines for some stuff:

      * Who can make commits (I recommend "anyone who has contributed")
      * How patches and releases work (I have suggestions on the site:

Other than that, I think the site is ready for everyone to begin working
directly on the code. I have worked with it over the course of
integrating patches and I think it is pretty good.

Thanks to both the RIPE NCC and ISC for their continued support of this



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