RtConfig BackEnds

Shane Kerr Shane_Kerr at isc.org
Wed Sep 17 16:18:33 UTC 2008


On Fri, 2008-08-29 at 10:41 +0200, S.P.Zeidler wrote:
> For extended ASNs you need some of the patches for the NetBSD pkgsrc
> version of irrtoolset-4.8.5 (namely patch-br patch-ct patch-cu patch-cv
> patch-cw patch-cx patch-cy patch-cz patch-da patch-db patch-dc patch-dd
> patch-de patch-df patch-dg patch-dh patch-di).
> You can grab these at
> http://cvsweb.netbsd.se/cgi-bin/bsdweb.cgi/pkgsrc/net/irrtoolset-nox11/patches/
> (Of course as maintainer of the package I think that all the other patches
> are also worthwhile :-P )

I have not integrated these patches, but I did create a ticket. ;)


Perhaps you can try to make a branch for 32-bit/4-byte ASN support in
the Subversion trunk?

I can have a look otherwise, but I think it would be nice to begin a new
way of working where we push patches directly into IRRToolSet.


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