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bill fumerola billf at
Thu Sep 18 20:37:48 UTC 2008

On Wed, 17 Sep 2008, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> Now that the project seems to be moving again, can we roll a new release
> as soon as the newly added patches have had a little time to settle? I'd
> like to update the FreeBSD port soon as the one there is getting pretty
> stale and I'd love to be able to do this before the end of the calender
> year. 

i'm excited as well. i have two svk branchs i'm working on:

1) cleanup some of the more obvious -Wall problems
1a) fix signed/unsigned
1b) fix usage of int/long when (u|)int(32|64)_t was meant
1c) classes w/ virtual methods and a mix of virtual/non-virtual

2) configure/makefile cleanup
2a) move to autoconf 2.50,
2b) remove the generated files from the repo to allow for release-time
    (or development-time) generation
2c) move to a common config.h
2d) move custom autoconf macros to an aclocal directory
2e) scripts for bootstrap/cleanup
2f) move to away from generated-and-hacked-at
2g) keep all the user-exposed env vars and --options to configure the
    same as not to break any existing integrations

i'll open a ticket w/ a patch for these as i finish them, so folks w/
non-{*BSD,Linux} machines can test the changes as backwards compatible.

once folks are comfortable w/ my work, we can talk about commit access
so i can use branches in the official repo instead of local branches in
my svk repo to allow folks to comment/assist.

i'm rather excited to see this project come alive again.

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