Debian package

Nick Hilliard nick at
Thu Jul 2 17:07:24 UTC 2009

On 02/07/2009 17:49, Faidon Liambotis wrote:
> Hm, right, the IBM-copyrighted part is licensed only for non-commercial
> purposes. That effectively means that we can't upload it to Debian's
> main section, since it directly contradicts DFSG#6 ("no discrimination
> against fields of endeavor"). Perhaps we could it make it to non-free
> though.

It's actually the USC-copyright stuff which is non-commercial.  re2dfa may 
have been pulled from another package, perhaps rsd or the IBM version of 
gated or something - it's difficult to tell.  But the license on that part 
of the code indicates joint copyright of USC and IBM, and non-commercial. 
If IBM could be removed from the picture (by replacing the re2dfa library), 
then there would be just three copyright holders to deal with: RIPE NCC 
(which have licensed under a reasonable license), Doug Lea (GPL) and USC 
(non-commercial).  And if the USC people could be persuaded to reconsider 
their position on the non-commercial aspect of the license, then that might 
disencumber the package completely.

This is something which should be dealt with in due course.

Incidentally, there is also a copyright statement on the four man pages 
which relates to IBM.  I believe this to be spurious.


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