Patches, Trac, VCS etc.

Faidon Liambotis paravoid at
Mon Jul 6 23:17:42 UTC 2009


As you've probably noticed, I mailed a fair deal of patches the last few
days. These have been in attempt to fix several issues we were having
here at the Greek Research and Technology Network (AS5408) so that we
can finally use a version of rtconfig that wasn't released ages ago (we
were still using v4.7.1!).

First of all, let me say that all of these patches are against the
cruft-cleanout branch and -since you're apparently troubled with
licensing- can be considered to be released under the ISC license or
equivalent (2-clause BSD, MIT/X11 etc.).

BTW, is there a particular reason why cruft-cleanout hasn't been merged
back to trunk yet? It seems like the consensus is that a cleaned up tree
is the way to go and is the one that will be transformed to 5.0.

Also, let me apologise for the irregular way of posting my patches.
I've come to understand that posting them through Trac seems to be the
status quo around here. Besides some trouble I had on reaching
irrtoolset's Trac, I think it's wrong to use a bug tracker as a
patch-handling system. Don't get me wrong, I like Trac, but for the
purproses it was intended to be used, which don't include, IMHO,
(ab)using it as a VCS.

In the DVCS-era, I could commit those in a branch of mine and then send
a pull request (e.g. to Nick) who could then cherry-pick them and/or
merge them. Well, I could commit them now in a separate branch in
Subversion but a) it's a pain in the arse to do merges with it, b)
someone would need to actually trust me and grant me commit access,
which is an unnecessary step in the DVCS-world...

So, have you considered switching e.g. to git or mercurial? :-)
I've been working with a git-svn tree to manage the patches I sent.
Unfortunately, the tree's history is cluttered because of the cvs->svn
conversion and much of it has been lost (e.g. I'm unable to do a proper
bisect) but it still proved quite useful.

Anyway, I think I'm too new around here to mandate the workflows, I'm
just throwing a suggestion based on previous experience.
If you'd prefer to have those patches on Trac, just say so and I'll go
through the trouble.

Finally, even if most of our issues should be dealt by now, I will
hopefully continue to work on irrtoolset; there are surely many things
that need to be done.


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