Problem with RtConfig

Nick Hilliard nick at
Tue Jun 16 23:56:13 UTC 2009

On 15/06/2009 22:07, Nick Hilliard wrote:
> Hmmm, still seems to be a problem. I've logged it as:
> ... and will take a look at it in due course.

The problem appears to be that the rpsl.y grammar file does not agree with 
rfc 2622 in terms what a correct "peering:" statement should look like in a 
peering-set: object.

If you use a construction like this, you will get useful output:

aut-num:      AS5408
as-name:      GR-NET
import:       from prng-as5408-tst accept AS3323;
export:       to prng-as5408-tst announce AS5408;
source:       RIPE

peering-set:  prng-as5408-tst
peering:      AS1111 at
peering:      AS2222 at
peering:      AS3333 at
source:       RIPE

rtconfig> @RtConfig importGroup AS5408 prng-as5408-tst

This "peering-set" syntax obviously makes no sense.  The "" ip 
address is redundant, but is required by the parser for some strange reason.

The reason that this worked before is that the cisco configuration 
generator previously just printed out the peer-group statement, and didn't 
bother printing the peer-group member statements.  The code was changed to 
fix this, but clearly it was never tested properly.  There are lots of 
things which it doesn't do (address family activation, checking for 
multiprotocol stuff properly).


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