Problem with RtConfig

Nick Hilliard nick at
Mon Jun 15 21:07:46 UTC 2009

> We use RtConfig v4.7.1 for quite some time, without problems, in
> order to create our bgp filters (see as5408). We recently tried to
> upgrade to v4.8.5. Unfortunately,  the newest version keeps crashing.
> The problem seems to occur whenever we use peering groups, no matter
> how simple the RPSL is. This is an example that demonstrates the
> problem:
> Step 1: We override RIPE objects AS5408 and prng-as5408-grnet-customers
> by defining them on a file named POL, with the following content:

Hmmm, still seems to be a problem.  I've logged it as:

... and will take a look at it in due course.


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