RPSL automation

Nick Hilliard nick at inex.ie
Sun May 17 12:03:34 UTC 2009

> I am not happy with the removal of the gated items , Reasoning ...
> MaxTNT's (older os's I admit) use Gated .
> NextHop may still be interested in those tools being available , Not
> sure tho .
> I use gated for some of it's more esoteric items it provides .

Hi Jim,

My understanding is that the gated extensions to RtConfig haven't compiled 
since 2003; they've been commented out since 4.8.0.  Also, Lucent dropped 
all support for Max TNTs in, what, early 2004 or something?   Maybe 2003, 
or maybe that was just EoS.  Anyway, pretty much everything ascend related 
was dropped on the floor with a resounding crash at around that time. 
Gated itself hasn't compiled in the wild since around that time too, and 
given that it was closed source, no-one has done anything with it for many 

Getting f_gated to compile isn't terribly difficult. However, ensuring that 
it actually produces functional output is another thing entirely.  I 
certainly don't have anything to test it against; nor do I have the time to 
test it.  Can you support it?


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