How to build IRRD and connect this one to 1 ISP network

Nick Hilliard nick at
Sun Oct 11 14:30:24 UTC 2009

On 10/10/2009 18:59, Randy Bush wrote:
>> My name Hai from Viettel Corp. with AS7552. Now we would like to build 1
>> IRRd.
>> Please let me now how to build and connect within 1 ISP network.
> portupgrade -N net/irrd

Randy, don't be mean.

Naughty Randy!


an IRR daemon contains RIPE-181 style routing policy information.  A router 
contains actual prefixes and if configured correctly will forward packets 
for you.  There is no meaningful way of combining the two as they do 
completely different things.

There is a very useful introduction to routing registries on the RIPE NCC 
web site:

For your router, you need to learn about BGP.  Here are some good 


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