How can i generate the AS path from IRR data same as found in BGP

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Fri Jan 1 13:33:13 UTC 2010


Thus wrote Akmal Shahbaz (akmal_shahbaz at

> >> How similar do you think the paths would be from BGP and IRR data?
> > they are both ordered non-null sets of positive numbers drawn from the
> > range 1..32k
> so that means they can't be the same..

Not quite. It is not impossible that they are the same, there's just no
guarantee that they would have a relationship.

>    Due to IRR consistency issues ?? or why?

a) people never bothering to enter their data
b) third parties entering data for other people (in databases that don't
   prevent this)
c) noone bothering with clean-up (especially in case b)
d) decreasing availability of necessary knowledge as struggling providers
   exchange their skilled employees for cheaper ones. I.e. not only
   clueless end users (that's normal), but also clueless transit providers

The closer you are to an ISP or ISPs that filter their customer prefixes
and aspaths on IRR data, the better the data is likely to be.

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