route-set + IPv6 and filter-set bug

Herbert Faleiros herbert at
Sun Jul 4 19:29:01 UTC 2010


I'm trying to use rtconfig to generate some configuration files here
but without sucess...

When using route-set with mp-members the routes are ignored, ex:

$ whois -h rs-telesa-scw | grep members
mp-members: 2001:1294:CAFE::/48^48-49

rtconfig> @RtConfig access_list filter afi ipv6 RS-TELESA-SCW
Warning: filter "afi ipv6 RS-TELESA-SCW" matches ANY/NOT ANY

rtconfig> @RtConfig access_list filter afi ipv4 RS-TELESA-SCW
no ip prefix-list pl100
ip prefix-list pl100 permit le 24
ip prefix-list pl100 deny le 32

If I use mp-members *with IPV4* the same problem occurs.

Another problem here: according with RFC4012 filter and mp-filter are optional,

   filter      <filter>             optional, single-valued
   mp-filter   <mp-filter>          optional, single-valued

but IRRd return with error if I export without at least a filter.


$ cat fltr-ipv6 | grep mp
mp-filter:  {2804:d4::/32}

$ cat fltr-ipv6 | rpslcheck
Congratulations no errors were found

rpslcheck says that's the object are OK, but IRRd says:

#ERROR: Mandatory field "filter" missing

So what's wrong? How to use IPv6 (mp-filter)? If I put filter and
mp-filter together:

***Error: mp-filter and filter attributes can't be used together

...because 4012 says the attributes are single-valued, right? So
mp-filter can't be used!

filter: OK
mp-filter: ERR (mandatory field missing, that's a BUG according to 4012)
filter + mp-filter: ERR (can't be used together)


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