route-set + IPv6 and filter-set bug

Nick Hilliard nick at
Thu Jul 15 00:41:15 UTC 2010

On 04/07/2010 20:29, Herbert Faleiros wrote:
> rtconfig> @RtConfig access_list filter afi ipv6 RS-TELESA-SCW
> Warning: filter "afi ipv6 RS-TELESA-SCW" matches ANY/NOT ANY

mmm, this looks like it's caused by the IRRd !i command not returning
mp-filter ipv6 entries from route sets.  Unfortunately, if the whois server
doesn't support returning mp-filter objects, then there's not a whole lot
that irrtoolset can do to work around it.

What you're trying to do here works correctly on the RIPE whois server,
just not IRRd.

> Another problem here: according with RFC4012 filter and mp-filter are optional,
>    filter      <filter>             optional, single-valued
>    mp-filter   <mp-filter>          optional, single-valued
> but IRRd return with error if I export without at least a filter.
> ***Error: mp-filter and filter attributes can't be used together

That's definitely a bug in IRRd.  Try the attached patch to irrd2.3.9 and
see if it helps.

If would help if you contacted the IRRd people and alerted them to these

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