irrtoolset-5.0.1-rc1 available on svn

Nick Hilliard nick at
Fri Jul 13 23:27:31 UTC 2012

No need to hold you breath any longer; irrtoolset 5.0.1-rc1 is now
available on svn at the usual location.  Highlights of this thrilling
release are:

> * don't barf on pingable: and ping-hdl: attributes (RFC 5943)
> * don't barf on inet6num: assignment-size (RIPE policy proposal 2010-06)
> * RFC 5952 requires that ipv6 addresses be presented in lower case.
> * ipv6 addresses are now printed in optimised format.
> * added geoloc: and language: fields to both inetnum: and inet6num: objects.
> * compilation fixes for g++ 4.7 / debian wheeze
> * stop talking asdot to IRRDBs.  none of the IRRs supports asdot since ~2010
> * silence a bunch of warnings for clang 3.0

So run, don't walk, and check out release r331.  Let me know if you spot
any major problems.  If there are none in the next week or two, I'll roll a
proper release.


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