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Vladimir Prokofyev themightywisp at
Mon Mar 5 08:52:51 UTC 2012


I have some suggestions for JUNOS-style configuration of rtconfig. Would be
nice if someone more skilled than me could implement them.

1. "load set" configuration style.
Current JUNOS configuration is compatible only with "load
merge/replace/override" style, which is not very usable. For example, there
isn't any "delete" statement before any configuration statement, which
means that every time you delete a peer from a list you have to manually
control you configuration update, or all policy lists shift numbers, and
configuration becomes incorrect.
For example, cisco-style configuration has a "no" statement before any
policy-map/prefix-list/etc, ensuring that there won't be any configuration
overlaps from old/new peers/configurations.

2. Ability to specify a VR for a peer.
For example, I have some peers in separate VR, and it would be great to
have a config option that specifies VR for a peer.
If nothing is set - leave default.
Cisco-style would also benefit from this feature.

3. IPv4/IPv6 prefix lists in separate policies.
Currently if I have two peers with single BGP-neighbour(same ASN) - one
IPv4 and one IPv6 - it creates single prefix-list for them both. This
configuration is unable to commit.

Those three are the only things that separate me from peer update
automatisation heaven :) or so I think at the moment.
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