DDNS testing

wlodek wlodek.wencel at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 08:27:31 UTC 2014

I need to bring one subject to discussion. DDNS testing framework.

1. It will be done by extending Forge

2. Tests will be run on whole system not just D2 server. We need to set up:
- DHCP (for v4 and v6 will be separate tests)
- DDNS server
- DNS server

3. Extended tests will be for:
- multiple DNS servers running
- DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 working at the same time.

4. Detailed tests cases were not specified yet.

In general it is simple as it is. But in Forge there is no way to manage 
DNS server - so I need to extend it.
Stephen suggested:
- run BIND as DNS server
- add config file to each test for DNS server (mostly it will be the 
same very simple config)

That is the easiest, fastest method, in this case we need just basic DNS 
managing. Generally that is all we need to perform DDNS testing.

What I proposed was:
- extend Forge for dynamic building DNS config files (for now just for BIND)
- add module to manage BIND in the same way it is done for Kea, ISC-DHCP 
or Dibbler.
- add module that will handle managing two servers at the same time (now 
we can run only one)

That is more work and more time. We gain only ability to run DDNS test 
with different DNS server, what is not so important to do the DDNS 
testing itself. But that isn't point of Forge to make generic tests? 
Another thing is that I have on a list 'extend Forge with DNS tests' I 
could make preparations for DNS testing and just write tests some time 

What do you think? I would really like have some input from you guys.

Thank you very much,

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