DDNS testing

Thomas Markwalder tmark at isc.org
Thu Jun 5 14:53:00 UTC 2014

On 6/5/14, 4:27 AM, wlodek wrote:
> Hello,
> I need to bring one subject to discussion. DDNS testing framework.
> 1. It will be done by extending Forge
> 2. Tests will be run on whole system not just D2 server. We need to
> set up:
> - DHCP (for v4 and v6 will be separate tests)
> - DDNS server
> - DNS server
> 3. Extended tests will be for:
> - multiple DNS servers running
> - DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 working at the same time.
> 4. Detailed tests cases were not specified yet.
> In general it is simple as it is. But in Forge there is no way to
> manage DNS server - so I need to extend it.
> Stephen suggested:
> - run BIND as DNS server
> - add config file to each test for DNS server (mostly it will be the
> same very simple config)
> That is the easiest, fastest method, in this case we need just basic
> DNS managing. Generally that is all we need to perform DDNS testing.
> What I proposed was:
> - extend Forge for dynamic building DNS config files (for now just for
> - add module to manage BIND in the same way it is done for Kea,
> ISC-DHCP or Dibbler.
> - add module that will handle managing two servers at the same time
> (now we can run only one)
> That is more work and more time. We gain only ability to run DDNS test
> with different DNS server, what is not so important to do the DDNS
> testing itself. But that isn't point of Forge to make generic tests?
> Another thing is that I have on a list 'extend Forge with DNS tests' I
> could make preparations for DNS testing and just write tests some time
> after.
> What do you think? I would really like have some input from you guys.
> Thank you very much,
> Włodek
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I'm assuming you mean BIND9?  I can tarball up what I did for my manual
testing using BIND9.  It might give you a leg up or at least some
ideas.    For each DNS server instance I wanted, I created a directory
tree which housed its configuration files and db files, and then wrote a
script that let me start, stop, reload configuration, reset database for
a given DNS server.   Made things pretty easy.   If you're not familiar
with rndc (BIND9's remote control program) you should read up on it.

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