[kea-dev] Hello

alexis alzrck at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 12:05:59 UTC 2014

Hello Guys, im starting to use KEA right now. Some background, i’ve used ISC a lot (modified it a lot), i’ve deployed since 2003 a large number of triple play providers (~ 6MM of subscribers groping all), with ISC, Incognito DHCP, Cisco CNR .

I would like to help in the KEA devel process (we still deploy provisioning systems, not only for 3G but STB’s GPON’s etc etc and we have our own too), im a Java programmer (javascript, PHP, some python, some perl as well) and i have a strong background on network infrastructure (CMTS, Servers, High Availability, Cablemodems, MTA, etc etc)

I have some issues (im testing kea for a PacketCable environment) that ill post to the users lists right away.

If there’s something i can help, ill be glad to do it.


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