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Marcin Siodelski marcin at isc.org
Thu Nov 6 12:36:18 UTC 2014


It is good to see your interest in Kea. We also appreciate your offer to
help in development. We always welcome contributions! You might already
by familiar with our ticketing system based on Trac and located here:
kea.isc.org. You can use it to track the work we're doing for the
upcoming releases as well as more distant plans and outstanding work.

You point out you're a Java programmer and have experience in some
scripting languages. Please note that currently Kea is almost purely
C++, so any contributions require a solid base of C++.

I saw your other posts about issues you see with encapsulated options
and host name generation. I will have a closer look and get back to you.
I also encourage you to use trac for submitting any issues you observe
with Kea on kea.isc.org. Obviously, if you're not sure if a particular
behavior "is a bug or a feature" it is fine to ask on the mailing list

Please continue testing Kea and report any problems you find. As for the
contributions, you're welcome to implement tickets from the Trac.
However, it is good if you first consult your choice with us. Also,
please note that there is a bunch of tickets that we scoped for the near
releases and many of them we already planned to develop ourselves. So,
some more strict coordination is needed with respect to them.

That may be an interesting material for you:


PS. We (myself and Tomek), who are mostly working on Kea at the moment
are preparing for IETF and some holidays afterwards. Thus, the contact
with us my be harder at times.

On 11/06/14 13:05, alexis wrote:
> Hello Guys, im starting to use KEA right now. Some background, i’ve used ISC a lot (modified it a lot), i’ve deployed since 2003 a large number of triple play providers (~ 6MM of subscribers groping all), with ISC, Incognito DHCP, Cisco CNR .
> I would like to help in the KEA devel process (we still deploy provisioning systems, not only for 3G but STB’s GPON’s etc etc and we have our own too), im a Java programmer (javascript, PHP, some python, some perl as well) and i have a strong background on network infrastructure (CMTS, Servers, High Availability, Cablemodems, MTA, etc etc)
> I have some issues (im testing kea for a PacketCable environment) that ill post to the users lists right away.
> If there’s something i can help, ill be glad to do it.
> Regards.
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