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alexis alzrck at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 12:45:06 UTC 2014

Great, i will.

Yes, the other two tickets on the user list are related to a project im working to move 350.000 MTA’s (telephony cablemodems) to a new schema and i would like to use kea with a common db backend and 8-10 DHCP servers. is pretty basic, but i need that option (122) i dont care if it’s not a common option i terms that i can set it up as a custom space. it’s ok with me, and to build dymamic hostnames (needed to provide an identified for the telephony part).

as soon i get this working ill be developing a web centralized management of the servers and a REST webservice to handle the whole that ill be glad to upload if you want.

Thanks again and ill be on track trying to help.

best regards

ps: please do not hesitate to contact me to my mail if there’s anything i can help.

> On Nov 6, 2014, at 09:36, Marcin Siodelski <marcin at isc.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> It is good to see your interest in Kea. We also appreciate your offer to
> help in development. We always welcome contributions! You might already
> by familiar with our ticketing system based on Trac and located here:
> kea.isc.org. You can use it to track the work we're doing for the
> upcoming releases as well as more distant plans and outstanding work.
> You point out you're a Java programmer and have experience in some
> scripting languages. Please note that currently Kea is almost purely
> C++, so any contributions require a solid base of C++.
> I saw your other posts about issues you see with encapsulated options
> and host name generation. I will have a closer look and get back to you.
> I also encourage you to use trac for submitting any issues you observe
> with Kea on kea.isc.org. Obviously, if you're not sure if a particular
> behavior "is a bug or a feature" it is fine to ask on the mailing list
> first.
> Please continue testing Kea and report any problems you find. As for the
> contributions, you're welcome to implement tickets from the Trac.
> However, it is good if you first consult your choice with us. Also,
> please note that there is a bunch of tickets that we scoped for the near
> releases and many of them we already planned to develop ourselves. So,
> some more strict coordination is needed with respect to them.
> That may be an interesting material for you:
> http://git.kea.isc.org/~tester/kea/doxygen/index.html#contrib
> Regards,
> Marcin
> PS. We (myself and Tomek), who are mostly working on Kea at the moment
> are preparing for IETF and some holidays afterwards. Thus, the contact
> with us my be harder at times.
> On 11/06/14 13:05, alexis wrote:
>> Hello Guys, im starting to use KEA right now. Some background, i’ve used ISC a lot (modified it a lot), i’ve deployed since 2003 a large number of triple play providers (~ 6MM of subscribers groping all), with ISC, Incognito DHCP, Cisco CNR .
>> I would like to help in the KEA devel process (we still deploy provisioning systems, not only for 3G but STB’s GPON’s etc etc and we have our own too), im a Java programmer (javascript, PHP, some python, some perl as well) and i have a strong background on network infrastructure (CMTS, Servers, High Availability, Cablemodems, MTA, etc etc)
>> I have some issues (im testing kea for a PacketCable environment) that ill post to the users lists right away.
>> If there’s something i can help, ill be glad to do it.
>> Regards.
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