Server hangs at startup - issue with lock file and NFS ?

Chaigneau, Nicolas nicolas.chaigneau at
Tue Sep 2 13:59:44 UTC 2014

(trying again with correct address)


First of all, I'm new on this list. If there are etiquette rules I'm not aware of, feel free to enlighten me :)

That said. I'm trying to build and test the kea-0.9-beta1 version, but I'm having trouble when starting kea-dhcp4.

I'm working on a Linux RHEL6 (2.6.32-358.6.2.el6.x86_64) VM.

My problem is the following:

The program seems to hang on the first call to the log API.
More specifically, on the following line in src\bin\dhcp4\

        LOG_DEBUG(dhcp4_logger, DBG_DHCP4_START, DHCP4_START_INFO)
            .arg(getpid()).arg(port_number).arg(verbose_mode ? "yes" : "no");

(commenting out this line just make it hang on the subsequent line)

I've noticed the program creates a lock file (logger_lockfile) in the sources directory.
Then it tries to do the following (strace output):

open("/home/admwpdhcp/src-kea/kea-0.9-beta1/logger_lockfile", O_RDWR|O_CREAT, 0660) = 3
umask(022)                              = 0111
fcntl(3, F_SETLKW, {type=F_WRLCK, whence=SEEK_SET, start=0, len=1}

Googling a bit, I found other people had similar issues with fcntl:
"fcntl system call hangs when using F_SETLK with NFS file"

(My sources are located on a NFS.)

I believe the lock file should not be created in the sources directory.
Apparently, it doesn't work with NFS.
And I guess it won't work when the server is deployed, since there won't be a sources directory at all.

Thanks in advance for looking into this!


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