[kea-dev] Design for Kea Host Reservation

Angelo Failla pallotron at fb.com
Tue Sep 30 12:16:20 UTC 2014

This looks promising, I still have to read the doc properly but here is
one question for you :)

Are you guys thinking of making this new HR code extensible in way similar
to the Hook APIs?

We currently use bind10 in production with a custom hook lib that bypasses
subnet allocation logic and just fetches this info connecting to one of
our backend systems.

It would be very powerful to make people able to override the source class
(HostDataSource) or just provide more hook points (I believe this is how
you call them) so that you could fetch host information from other sources
that are not mysql databases or any supported source (think about some
backend system already present in people¹s production networks)

I spoke with Vicky a while ago promising that I¹ll be working on testing
my hook code with KEA0.9, unfortunately I didn¹t manage to get to that
point, we are still using bind10, but we should migrate to KEA0.9 starting
end of October. 
Angelo Failla

Facebook Cluster Ops - Dublin
Pallotron at fb.com

On 9/30/14, 1:20 PM, "Marcin Siodelski" <marcin at isc.org> wrote:

>I have created a new design document on Kea wiki:
>f63fe5112a36362acfcd75892e58c6921e4b9cae9a0b7035805b4 for Host
>Reservation. It
>summarizes the discussions that we conducted on a mailing list and
>during the Kea hackathon.
>The document introduces detailed layout of the database for host
>reservations. It also presents relations between the old and new C++
>classes and some other details.
>At present, the document doesn't cover the design of a management tool
>for updating and adding new host reservations to the database. I think
>this tool is out of scope for now.
>The Trac ticket for creating a HR design is #3559. This ticket is now in
>the review queue and the regular review should be conducted by one of
>ISC engineers. I also encourage mail list subscribers to have a look and
>kea-dev mailing list
>kea-dev at lists.isc.org

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