[kea-dev] DHCPv6 server reaction to repeated Solicit/Requests

Templin, Fred L Fred.L.Templin at boeing.com
Wed Dec 2 17:45:54 UTC 2015


I have a DHCPv6 client that frequently reboots, loses its memory, comes back up,
and reissues a DHCPv6 PD Solicit/Request. It appears that the kea server issues
the PD on the first Solicit/Request, but then ignores subsequent Solicit/Requests
after each client reboot. Rebooting the kea server clears this condition.

Is this the correct behavior per RFC3315/RFC3633? Or, should the kea server
process each subsequent Solicit/Request as if it were a Renew?

Thanks - Fred
fred.l.templin at boeing.com

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