[kea-dev] DHCPv6 server reaction to repeated Solicit/Requests

Marcin Siodelski marcin at isc.org
Mon Dec 7 10:49:48 UTC 2015


The behavior you have described is incorrect on the server side. When
the client reboots and issues a Solicit the server should find existing
binding for this client and return this binding in the Reply message
(assuming that the lease doesn't expire and is not hijacked by another
client). I am surprised that you observe different behavior.

Can you please answer the following clarification questions:
- What do you mean by "Kea ignores subsequent Solicit". Does it mean
that Kea doesn't respond to Solicit, i.e. drops it?
- What is the lease database backend you're using? Memfile - leases
stored in the CSV file?
- Is the client only requesting PD or also NA?
- When the client reboots, does it use the same client identifier (DUID)
when it issues a second Solicit?
- Can you please provide me a traffic capture that demonstrates this


On 02.12.2015 18:45, Templin, Fred L wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a DHCPv6 client that frequently reboots, loses its memory,
> comes back up,
> and reissues a DHCPv6 PD Solicit/Request. It appears that the kea
> server issues
> the PD on the first Solicit/Request, but then ignores subsequent
> Solicit/Requests
> after each client reboot. Rebooting the kea server clears this condition.
> Is this the correct behavior per RFC3315/RFC3633? Or, should the kea
> server
> process each subsequent Solicit/Request as if it were a Renew?
> Thanks - Fred
> fred.l.templin at boeing.com
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