[kea-dev] kea-msg-compiler installed

Jeremy C. Reed jreed at isc.org
Mon Dec 14 23:00:02 UTC 2015

Long ago, I stopped the installation of the message compiler.

I see it is installed again.

There is an open ticket to install it
which also talks about a suitable name and manual.

The reason I brought this up is because there is no documentation for 
it. (Ignore the source comments since that isn't installed with it.)

The install change happened in
without any corresponding log message.
In fact, I don't see how it is related to the ticket:

Okay to stop this installation until it is done properly (with docs). 
Even release notes / changes history doesn't mention it.

(Yes I know about the recent rename, but that wouldn't have been needed 
if suggestion already happened.)

  Jeremy C. Reed

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