[kea-dev] Hardware ID as classification

Duane Zimmer Duane.Zimmer at yourlinkinc.net
Tue Jun 21 17:36:00 UTC 2016

I'm attempting to classify my users equipment based on the OUI of the MAC address.  I'm attempting to substring the value of the hardware address with the following command but to no success.  How can I reference the hardware address in the

"test": "substring(hwaddr,0,3) == '0a030e'"
"test": "substring(hardware,1,3) == '0A:00:3E'"
"test": "substring('hw-address',0,6) == '0A:00:3E'"
This last one worked but I would imagine that it is taking hw-address in as a string not a reference to a field.

I know that this was available under the bind9 DHCP configuration as a class file using
class "Equipment"
match if substring (hardware,1,3) = 0a:00:3e;

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