[kea-dev] Fixing Kea package

Zdenek Dohnal zdohnal at redhat.com
Fri Mar 11 15:00:29 UTC 2016

Dear Sir or Madame,

I'm writing this email to inform you about I made several changes to your package because of standard updating to C++11. Changes are in these files:

coroutine.h, l 111 - delete the line "case __LINE__: ;" because it caused errors "duplicate case value" after macro expansion in code
pgsql_lease_mgr.cc, l 1693 - fixing function make_pair, because C++11 defines function make_pair as 

template <class T1, class T2> pair<V1,V2> make_pair (T1&& x, T2&& y);

instead of:

template <class T1, class T2>  pair<V1,V2> make_pair (T1 x, T2 y);

Package was tested after applied changes on Fedora 23 and software ran without errors.

Zdenek Dohnal
Associate Software Engineer
Brno, Purkyňova 99

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