[kea-dev] Build Kea 1.1.0 from source on CentOS 7 missing log4cplus/logger.h

Sallee, Jake Jake.Sallee at umhb.edu
Tue Nov 8 04:35:32 UTC 2016

I am trying to install Kea 1.1.0 on CentOS 7 using a MaraiDB galera cluster as the storage backend.

However Kea has a dependancy that is in conflict with MaraiDB galera 10.1.

maraidb-libs conflicts with MariaDB-server so I cannot use the prebuilt packages from epel7.

I checked and it seems that the maraidb-libs package was deprecated and its functionality merged into the MaraiDB-server package so it is no longer needed.  With that info if I should be able to build from source and be able to circumvent the deprecated dependency.

However building from source I am getting an error:

checking log4cplus/logger.h usability... no
checking log4cplus/logger.h presence... no
checking for log4cplus/logger.h... no
configure: error: Missing required header files.

I have already installed the log4cplus and log4cplus-devel packages (even rebooted for good measure) and the file logger.h is located at /usr/include/log4cplus/logger.h

see here:
[root at DHCP01 kea-1.1.0]# rpm -qa | grep log4cplus

and here:
[root at DHCP01 kea-1.1.0]# locate logger.h

According to the configuration script (~line 17894) this should be a location the config script should be able to find the file in, but NOPE :(

I have tried to pass the switch --with-log4cplus=/usr (and other permutations) but it does not work.

log4cplus is listed as an optional component in the config script help but the configurator fails without it.

I would very much appreciate any guidance anyone may have on getting past this error.

Thank you for your time.

Jake Sallee
Godfather of Bandwidth
System Engineer
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

900 College St.
Belton, Texas

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