[kea-dev] GSoC 2019 with ISC - initial proposal and thoughts

Franciszek Górski fagorski9 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 08:36:14 UTC 2019

Hello Dev Team!

My name is Franek Górski, I am an IT student from Gdańsk University of

Some of you might remember me from the Kea Hackathon in Gdańsk which took
place in last October.

Now I would like to take part in GSoC 2019 as a student intern and I am
writing to present my thoughts about Idea no 2. titled ‘Statistics
enhancements’ from yours Ideas for Kea Community Projects.

I would be very grateful for more infromation about this project and
response whether my ideas are correct including tips what should I change
in my assumptions, what can I add.

My initial thoughts and suggestions about the problem:

1. The primary task is to expand the method of collecting observations for
implementing time-series ‘buckets’. Now for each statistic we only keep one
value by overwriting the previous one.

2. If we want to collect more than one value of our statistics in a storage
we should change the method of setting/adding value. Now it’s simple
overwriting of the first element which is the only element, in a list of
samples’s storage. I propose changing it to a vector consisting the same
pairs of values – time stamp of observation and the value of that
observation. New pair should be add at the begging of the vector to
simplify the access to the current value.

3. I don’t understand exactly the idea of how much data we would like to
collect about such statistic, but it seems to be that we cannot only adding
new values without setting some limits of maximal size of storage. I was
considering about using not yet implemented functions in Stats_Mgr like
setMaxSampleAge and setMaxSampleCount for appointing some thresholds.

4. Additional functions for managing statistics could be added to Stats_Mgr
as member functions or like an inner class or they might be included in a
separate class but implemented in the same files.

I still have some other considerations about but the main problem for me is
lack of more informations concerning the project.


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