[kea-dev] Softwares required for Leasequery support

Tomek Mrugalski tomasz at isc.org
Wed Mar 27 23:09:20 UTC 2019

On 20/03/2019 22:19, Dhana Sekhar wrote:
> I am Dhanasekhar, a second year Computer Science student and I'm
Hi Dhana!

Apologies for delayed response. Several members of the Kea team are
currently at IETF and everyone is traveling this week for upcoming
company event. Lots of distractions.

> planning to write a proposal to Gsoc based on adding leasequery support
> to kea DHCP server(No. 8 in the idea list). I have installed Kea with
> the softwares necessary for the build(boost, logcplus and openSSL), but
> I'm unclear as to what software will be necessary to start experimenting
> on leasequery support. Any help on the required softwares will be much
> appreciated.
In principle the leasequery client is called a requestor. It's a
functionality that is typically implemented in hardware relays, so the
best way to test the  extension would be to get a relay hardware that
supports it. I do understand that this may be a major problem, so using
a LQ requestor software is likely the only viable alternative.

However, it would be super useful to plan in some later stages of the
project to have an interop testing with real hardware.

Ok, on to the specific question. I'm aware of only one software client
for LQ. It's part of the Dibbler software and you can get it from here:

There are 3 types of leasequery:
- the leasequery (RFC4388 and RFC5007)
- bulk leasequery (RFC6926 and RFC5460)
- active leasequery (RFC7724 and RFC7653)

Implementing all of them as part of GSoC would probably be too
challenging, but it depends on your programming experience.

Dibbler requestor supports the first one for v6 only. There was a semi
broken implementation for bulk leasequery (see branches other than
master on dibbler repo). In both cases Dibbler is DHCPv6 only software.

Alternatively you could use Scapy (a python tool) to craft the
leasequery requests. See https://github.com/secdev/scapy

Finally, you can think about including an implementation of the
leasequery requestor as part of the  GSoC project.

As with other students, the overall recommendation is to write your
proposal and put it somewhere on-line where I and other potential
mentors could comment on it. Google docs worked great for that purpose.
Try to describe what you want to do in as much detail as possible. You
likely have other time commitments (exams, classes etc). Think about and
propose a schedule.

Thanks and welcome to the Kea project!

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