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Franciszek Górski fagorski9 at gmail.com
Tue May 7 11:23:41 UTC 2019

Hello Dev Team!

My name is Franciszek Górski, but you can call me Frank. I am an IT
student from Gdańsk University of Technology now working as a GSoC
intern for ISC.I am a bit excited of being a part of the ISC team.
I still feel quite new to the project which dynamically changing every
week and you can get a lot of questions from me, so I please forgive
me :).I would like to stay in touch with the community after GSoC to
develop my skills and ISC projects.
My project is Kea statistics enhancements which base on changing the
way of collecting samples by enabling multiple observations over time,
processing them with various statistical methods and visualizing.
Basic questions
1. What are you thinking about doing by Kea various statistical
processing in term of time of working, numbers of samples being
processing, CPU load? I will be gratefull for some advices how to get
better quality of this solution.
2. In my project I plan to collect observations into csv files
cotaining two values separate by comma: value of sample and its time
stamp. To prevent indefinitely growing of files I would like to use
functions, described in Kea Wiki, stats design section which are
responsible for appointing thresholds time based and size based. Files
will be rewritten when the limits are gained. Do you see some
disadvantages of this solution?
3. To visualize data I am going to use open-source software Prometheus
and I would like to ask about the best method to attach it to Kea
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