[kea-dev] New member from GSoC 2019

James Wang wskynevermore at gmail.com
Thu May 9 09:07:23 UTC 2019

Hello Kea Developers,

I'm James Wang, a CS undergraduate from The Chinese University of Hong
Kong, Shenzhen. My proposal for GSoC 2019, "Enhancing Kea's RESTful API",
has been accepted by ISC/Kea. Thanks for putting your trust in me. I'll do
my best to deliver my project this summer, and I look forward to
contributing more to ISC/Kea after GSoC.

My project aims to bring HTTP GET support to Kea control agent's RESTful
API. During my application period, Tomek mentioned that this is a
frequently requested feature. I would like to see some user opinions on
this feature. After searching through GitLab issues and the two mailing
list archives, I found only one related posts:

If any one has more to share on this topic, please let me know. This will
help me a lot. Thanks.

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