[kea-dev] Tweaking Kea development process proposal

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Re. 5: maybe split ChangeLog to more files, eg. one per stable release?


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We had a heated discussion in Stork about changelogs, commit logs and
branch names. There are couple process changes that we're going to do in
Stork. They also make sense in Kea, so I'd like to discuss them here.

Our gitlab howto was a bit dated anyway. I've cleaned up and updated the
gitlab-howto page. See here:

1. The changelog entry will get simplified. We used to put GL issue #,
MR # and commit-id. All three are very similar in the sense that they
attempt to point to more information if the user wants to know more
about the actual code changes. Since you can get the MR# and the
commit-id from GL#, let's simplify the entries to just GL#.

1662.	[bug]		marcin
	Prevent deadlock in the Kea DHCP servers caused by allocating
	memory in the system signal handler. The issue was found on
	CentOS 7.6, but could possibly affect Kea running on any other
	(Gitlab #796)

The "Gitlab" string is necessary, because sometimes (very infrequently),
we handle changes coming from somewhere else (such as github).

2. Previously we expected the commit logs in git to start with
[GL#,!MR]. Getting the MR number was tricky, annoying and sometimes even
impossible (e.g. if you did some experiments and were not even sure if
the code should be merged anywhere). We'll use [GL#] from now on. This
is also something that can be automated with precommit hook in git. But
also see point 3 below.

3. Every branch name must start with an issue number, e.g.
123-my-awesome-fix. Yes, even if you do some experiment on the side.
Opening an issue takes 30 seconds. This is for the automated hook in #2
above to work. There's also very good practical reason for this. If you
use bash completion, you can type git checkout 123 and hit tab, so bash
will autocomplete your branch name.

4. Added clarification when it's necessary to add a changelog entry.

We can also consider the following:

5. We can rename Changelog to Changelog.md, so the Issue number will be
displayed as clickable links. You can look at this proposal here:

THe benefit is automated links, the downside is that gitlab needs a
while to parse 400KB of markdown. I'm not so sure about 5.

Thoughts? Comments?


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