[Kea-users] IA_PD without IA_NA and reserved Prefixes

Wido den Hollander wido at widodh.nl
Wed Apr 20 14:06:58 UTC 2016


My use-case is where I want to run a DHCPv6 server which does IA_PD, but doesn't
do IA_NA.

The clients in this case obtain their address through SLAAC and additionally can
get a prefix through IA_PD.

Additionally I only want assigned prefixes to be allowed. Only if a reservation
is present I want to hand it out. Otherwise no prefix is assigned. That part
seems to work by using the 'out-of-pool' mode for reservations.

In Kea I can't get this configured since it always requires a subnet.

"subnet6": [
            "subnet": null,
            "interface-id": "VLAN709",
            "reservation-mode": "out-of-pool",
            "reservations": [

This doesn't work, the same as leaving 'subnet' out of the configuration.

Is this possible with Kea?

I am running Kea 1.0.0



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