[Kea-users] Fail-over

Wlodek Wencel wlodek at isc.org
Tue Apr 26 21:53:02 UTC 2016

One of the solutions is to connect multiple kea instances (not just two)
to the same database cluster (with multiple databases in sync mode).
That would provide HA.

After our internal testing we are hoping to share how-to instructions
build it and encourage people to share feedback. Just keep an eye on
Kea-users mailing list.

Włodek Wencel
QA engineer

On 04/26/2016 09:53 PM, Jan Schermer wrote:
> I need a 3-way high-availabilty cluster for DHCP and this was the only
> solution I could think of, all the other solutions were either even more
> hack-ish or limited to master/slave (and you can't do true HA with just
> 2 nodes...)

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