[Kea-users] Build results of kea 1.1.0-beta on OpenBSD

Patrik Lundin patrik at sigterm.se
Mon Oct 3 22:32:42 UTC 2016

On Sun, Sep 25, 2016 at 12:53:44PM +0200, Patrik Lundin wrote:
> Hello,
> I have looked at building kea 1.1.0-beta on OpenBSD and here are my
> results.


> I did notice that "make test" currently fails when testing LFC.
> This seems to be a bug in the test code rather than the code being
> tested. I have created a PR for that:
> https://github.com/isc-projects/kea/pull/31

Currently waiting on feedback on the above PR.

Another question has surfaced as well: when using "syslog" logging, the
log messages look a bit strange to me:
Oct  3 23:12:21 obsd-amd64-t02 LOCAL0: INFO  [kea-dhcp6.dhcp6] DHCP6_STARTED Kea DHCPv6 server version 1.1.0 started

Note how the "facility" name is used as the message tag ("LOCAL0: ").
Is this the desired behaviour? I would have expected the "LOCAL0" to be
replaced with the name of the program that created the message.

I don't have previous experience with the log4cplus framework, but
looking at the code i see this in createSyslogAppender():
log4cplus::SharedAppenderPtr syslogapp(
        new log4cplus::SysLogAppender(opt.facility));

Comparing this to the documentation over at
I get the impression that the first argument is "ident", not the
facility string.

Am I missing something?

Patrik Lundin

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