[Kea-users] Cassandra for Host reservations

Kevin J. Monchamp kevin at monchamp.net
Mon Oct 15 19:09:30 UTC 2018

I am testing out switching from using host reservations listed in the kea config file to trying out hosting them in the Cassandra DB I am using for leases.

Right now I am working on figuring out what is required for a basic entry into the Cassandra database. Currently I am inserting
id, host_identifier, host_identifier_type, host_ipv4_subnet_id, host_ipv4_address.

I am getting a message from Kea that it is failing to parse the result because 'column 4' is set to null. Does anyone one know if there is a way to figure out how the columns match or possibly just which columns are required for a minimal response?

The other question I have (which I imagine applies to all host database setups) is if no option data is set in the host database for a reservation will it use the default info found in the Kea config?

Also thanks to everyone who has been working on the HA and Cassandra improvements for the Kea 1.4 release.

Kevin J. Monchamp

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