[Kea-users] Hosts refusing lease offers?

Klaus Steden klausfiend at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 00:35:50 UTC 2019

Hi there,

I've got a bit of a puzzler on my hands. We've racked some new gear and are
preparing to provision it.

Scope definitions have been added to Kea, and are active.

Hosts are on the network, and are generating DHCP requests.

Kea is responding as expected and offering leases, but none of these
machines (6 racks worth) are accepting the offers, leaving them stranded.

The hardware is Dell, so it's actually the iDRAC that's not leasing, but a
different batch of similar hardware in other racks (installed two weeks
ago) had no such issues.

We're reasonably confident that it's not something on the switches, but for
the life of me I can't identify why these aren't accepting leases.

I've attached a sample of the debug output in the log (cranked up to 99)
with only DNS info redacted.

Again, the most confusing thing here is that a comparable platform in the
same data center in different racks had no issues, and the only change is
additional DHCP scopes.

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2019-02-14 16:01:04.507 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.dhcp4/1430] DHCP4_CLASS_ASSIGNED [hwtype=1 4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], cid=[01:4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], tid=0xeb9575f1: client packet has been assigned to the following class(es): VENDOR_CLASS_iDRAC
2019-02-14 16:01:04.507 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.packets/1430] DHCP4_PACKET_RECEIVED [hwtype=1 4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], cid=[01:4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], tid=0xeb9575f1: DHCPDISCOVER (type 1) received from to on interface eth0
2019-02-14 16:01:04.507 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.packets/1430] DHCP4_QUERY_DATA [hwtype=1 4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], cid=[01:4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], tid=0xeb9575f1, packet details: local_address=, remote_adress=, msg_type=DHCPDISCOVER (1), transid=0xeb9575f1,
  type=012, len=013: "iDRAC-XXXXXXX" (string)
  type=053, len=001: 1 (uint8)
  type=055, len=009: 1(uint8) 3(uint8) 12(uint8) 15(uint8) 6(uint8) 42(uint8) 33(uint8) 121(uint8) 43(uint8)
  type=057, len=002: 576 (uint16)
  type=060, len=005: "iDRAC" (string)
  type=061, len=007: 01:4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a
2019-02-14 16:01:04.507 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.dhcpsrv/1430] DHCPSRV_CFGMGR_SUBNET4_ADDR selected subnet for packet received by matching address
2019-02-14 16:01:04.507 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.packets/1430] DHCP4_SUBNET_SELECTED [hwtype=1 4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], cid=[01:4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], tid=0xeb9575f1: the subnet with ID 36066044 was selected for client assignments
2019-02-14 16:01:04.507 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.packets/1430] DHCP4_SUBNET_DATA [hwtype=1 4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], cid=[01:4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], tid=0xeb9575f1: the selected subnet details:
2019-02-14 16:01:04.508 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.hosts/1430] HOSTS_CFG_GET_ONE_SUBNET_ID_IDENTIFIER get one host with IPv4 reservation for subnet id 36066044, identified by hwaddr=4CD98F00E33A
2019-02-14 16:01:04.508 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.hosts/1430] HOSTS_CFG_GET_ALL_IDENTIFIER get all hosts with reservations using identifier: hwaddr=4CD98F00E33A
2019-02-14 16:01:04.508 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.hosts/1430] HOSTS_CFG_GET_ALL_IDENTIFIER_COUNT using identifier hwaddr=4CD98F00E33A, found 0 host(s)
2019-02-14 16:01:04.508 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.hosts/1430] HOSTS_CFG_GET_ONE_SUBNET_ID_IDENTIFIER_NULL host not found using subnet id 36066044 and identifier hwaddr=4CD98F00E33A
2019-02-14 16:01:04.576 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.ddns/1430] DHCP4_CLIENT_HOSTNAME_PROCESS [hwtype=1 4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], cid=[01:4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], tid=0xeb9575f1: processing client's Hostname option
2019-02-14 16:01:04.576 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.dhcpsrv/1430] DHCPSRV_MYSQL_GET_SUBID_CLIENTID obtaining IPv4 lease for subnet ID 36066044 and client ID 01:4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a
2019-02-14 16:01:04.643 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.dhcpsrv/1430] DHCPSRV_MYSQL_GET_SUBID_HWADDR obtaining IPv4 lease for subnet ID 36066044 and hardware address hwtype=1 4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a
2019-02-14 16:01:04.711 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.alloc-engine/1430] ALLOC_ENGINE_V4_OFFER_NEW_LEASE allocation engine will try to offer new lease to the client [hwtype=1 4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], cid=[01:4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], tid=0xeb9575f1
2019-02-14 16:01:04.711 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.hosts/1430] HOSTS_CFG_GET_ONE_SUBNET_ID_ADDRESS4 get one host with reservation for subnet id 36066044 and IPv4 address
2019-02-14 16:01:04.711 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.hosts/1430] HOSTS_CFG_GET_ALL_ADDRESS4 get all hosts with reservations for IPv4 address
2019-02-14 16:01:04.711 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.hosts/1430] HOSTS_CFG_GET_ALL_ADDRESS4_COUNT using address, found 0 host(s)
2019-02-14 16:01:04.711 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.hosts/1430] HOSTS_CFG_GET_ONE_SUBNET_ID_ADDRESS4_NULL host not found using subnet id 36066044 and address
2019-02-14 16:01:04.712 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.hosts/1430] HOSTS_MGR_ALTERNATE_GET4_SUBNET_ID_ADDRESS4 trying alternate source for host using subnet id 36066044 and address
2019-02-14 16:01:04.779 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.dhcpsrv/1430] DHCPSRV_MYSQL_GET_ADDR4 obtaining IPv4 lease for address
2019-02-14 16:01:04.847 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.dhcpsrv/1430] DHCPSRV_MYSQL_GET_ADDR4 obtaining IPv4 lease for address
2019-02-14 16:01:04.914 INFO  [kea-dhcp4.leases/1430] DHCP4_LEASE_ADVERT [hwtype=1 4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], cid=[01:4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], tid=0xeb9575f1: lease will be advertised
2019-02-14 16:01:04.915 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.options/1430] DHCP4_PACKET_PACK [hwtype=1 4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], cid=[01:4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], tid=0xeb9575f1: preparing on-wire format of the packet to be sent
2019-02-14 16:01:04.915 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.packets/1430] DHCP4_PACKET_SEND [hwtype=1 4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], cid=[01:4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], tid=0xeb9575f1: trying to send packet DHCPOFFER (type 2) from to on interface eth0
2019-02-14 16:01:04.915 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.packets/1430] DHCP4_RESPONSE_DATA [hwtype=1 4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], cid=[01:4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a], tid=0xeb9575f1: responding with packet DHCPOFFER (type 2), packet details: local_address=, remote_adress=, msg_type=DHCPOFFER (2), transid=0xeb9575f1,
  type=001, len=004: 4294967232 (uint32)
  type=003, len=004:
  type=006, len=008: 10.A.B.C 10.D.E.F
  type=015, len=015: "server.fqdn" (string)
  type=051, len=004: 43200 (uint32)
  type=053, len=001: 2 (uint8)
  type=054, len=004:
  type=058, len=004: 14400 (uint32)
  type=059, len=004: 21600 (uint32)
  type=061, len=007: 01:4c:d9:8f:00:e3:3a
2019-02-14 16:01:04.915 DEBUG [kea-dhcp4.packets/1430] DHCP4_BUFFER_WAIT waiting for next DHCPv4 packet with timeout 1000 ms

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