[Kea-users] Still unsupported / ancient 1.1.0 in Debian stretch

Victoria Risk vicky at isc.org
Wed Jan 23 19:28:37 UTC 2019

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for this post.

> On Jan 23, 2019, at 7:40 AM, Kevin Olbrich <ko at sv01.de> wrote:
> Hi!
> I know we had this talk several times in the past (including myself):
> Debian repos still serve Kea 1.1.0 by default on stretch.
> ……

> While this should be fixed, Sury seems to have taken things in his
> hand and provides unofficial builds in a public repository:
> https://packages.sury.org/kea/pool/main/i/isc-kea/
> He also provides all sorts of PHP builds for which he is famous.
> I would realy like to see an official repo or recent builds of Kea in
> the distribution tree.

We are aware of the problem. We do need to figure out a way to make Kea easier to install for our users. it is on our list to produce some official binaries with our next release.
Ondřej Surý, our DNS development team lead, is an experienced packager and he did produce an experimental Kea package as you have seen, but the Kea team hasn’t been able to validate it or take it over so we are not recommending it yet.

The issue with Kea packaging is, of course, all the dependencies we have on other open source projects (Boost, log4C+, sysrepo, etc). In some cases the versions we are dependent on are ALSO not available in current packages from the OS packagers.  

We did, with Kea 1.5, write and test step by step instructions for building Kea on several OSes, which I realize is not as good as providing a repo, but it is a start. https://kb.isc.org/docs/kea-build-on-debian

I can’t find an open issue in the Kea gitlab for creating binaries, so I am going to create one now. Please feel free to comment on it.  https://gitlab.isc.org/isc-projects/kea/issues/425

We did a Doodle poll a while ago, and the OSes used by Kea users were #! CentOS, #2 Ubuntu, #3 Debian.  https://doodle.com/poll/g2ff9rwpdzxwsvhh


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> Kevin
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