[Kea-users] DHCPv6 vendor-specific options

Laurent Aubert (laaubert) laaubert at cisco.com
Fri Jul 19 12:06:58 UTC 2019


I’m struggling to configure my DHCP server to send a specific vendor option. My config is the following:

# Option 17 definition for CG-Mesh
  "option-def": [
            "name": "FND",
            "code": 1,
            "space": "vendor-opts-space",
            "type": "ipv6-address",
            "array": false,
            "encapsulate": ""

  "option-data": [
             "name": "vendor-opts",
             "data": "26484"
             "name": "FND",
             "space": "vendor-opts-space",
             "data": "fd05::4:d"

Below is what the server is replying to the client with only the enterprise-id is in option 17. There is no Data:

msgtype=7(REPLY), transid=0x6fc166
type=00001, len=00012: 00:03:00:1b:00:17:3b:07:00:41:00:2c
type=00002, len=00014: 00:01:00:01:24:ba:4e:2e:02:fe:4a:73:d2:48
type=00003(IA_NA), len=00040: iaid=0, t1=60, t2=120,
  type=00005(IAADDR), len=00024: address=2001:db8:beef::2, preferred-lft=2592000, valid-lft=2592000
type=00014, len=00000:
type=00017, len=00004: 26484 (uint32)
type=00025(IA_PD), len=00056: iaid=0, t1=0, t2=0,
  type=00013, len=00040: NoPrefixAvail(6) "Sorry, no prefixes could be allocated."
1 relay(s):
relay[0]: msg-type=13(RELAY_REPLY), hop-count=0,
link-address=2001:db8:beef::, peer-address=fe80::217:3b07:41:2c, 1 option(s)
type=00018, len=00004: 00:00:00:16

What am I missing ? I read the user guide a hundred times and my config looks the same.

Any help would be really appreciated !! I’m pulling my hair off on that one !!

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