[Kea-users] Infinite lease not stored in postgresql DB

Laurent Aubert (laaubert) laaubert at cisco.com
Thu Jun 6 11:02:16 UTC 2019


We deployed KEA 1.5 with a postgresql DB without any issue. We have an application which asks for IP addresses with an infinite lease.

When KEA receives the request, we see the following error:

2019<tel:2019>-06-06 09:05:02.566 ERROR [kea-dhcp4.alloc-engine/259] ALLOC_ENGINE_V4_ALLOC_ERROR [hwtype=1 00:00:00:00:00:00], cid=[ff:00:00:00:00:00:02:00:00:00:09:01:10:49:52:38:30:39:47:2d:4c:54:45:2d:47:41:2d:4b:39:02:0
b:4a:4d:58:32:30:32:33:58:30:30:30], tid=0x8aed1f: error during attempt to allocate an IPv4 address: Could not create bind array from Lease4:<>, reason: Time value is too large: 5854779197<tel:5854779197>

Everything works fine if we use csv file to store the leases instead of postgres.

Any idea why such leases can’t be stored in the DB ?

Our config is the following:

# This is a basic configuration for the Kea DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers.
# Subnet declarations are commented out and no interfaces are listed.
# Therefore, the servers will not listen or respond to any queries.
# The basic configuration must be extended to specify interfaces on
# which the servers should listen. Also, subnets and options must be
# declared.

# DHCPv4 configuration starts here.
# Add names of interfaces to listen on.
  "interfaces-config": {
    "interfaces": ["*" ]

# Control gent configuration
   "control-socket": {
        "socket-type": "unix",
        "socket-name": "/tmp/kea-dhcp4-ctrl.sock"

# Use PostgresDB
  "lease-database": {
    "typedb": "postgresql",
    "host": "",
    "user": "kea",
    "password": "kea",
    "namedb": "kea"

# Inifite lease
  "valid-lifetime": -1,

# Below an example of the simple subnet declaration. Uncomment to
# enable it. This is a list, denoted with [ ], of structure, denoted
# with { }. Each structure describes a single subnet and may have
# several parameters. One of those parameters is "pools" that is
# also a list of structures.
  "subnet4": [
{    "subnet": "",
          "id": 4001,
       "pools": [ { "pool": " -" } ] }

# Logging configuration starts here. It tells Kea servers to store
# all log messages (on severity INFO or more) in a file.
# debuglevel variable is used on DEBUG level only.
  "loggers": [
      "name": "kea-dhcp4",
      "output_options": [
            "output": "/var/log/kea/kea-dhcp4.log"
      "severity": "INFO",
      "debuglevel": 0



Thanks for your help

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