[Kea-users] DHCP4_CONFIG_LOAD_FAIL - "getNextRow failed" with MySQL

Robin Daermann robin.daermann at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Thu Mar 7 06:27:06 UTC 2019

Hi Jason,

On Wed, Mar 06, 2019 at 02:46:16PM -0500, Jason Guy wrote:
> Please specify the Kea version, and what type of reconfiguration is being
> done.

Sorry, I missed that. Kea version is 1.5.0 and during reconfigurations,
additional host reservations are created. Sometimes, they are changed.

I did two main changes at a time, upgrade from Kea 1.3.0 to Kea 1.5.0
and setup MySQL replication, so unfortunately, I don't know if it's Kea
or MySQL. But I would assume, it's Kea.

Whenever the Kea configuration gets recreated, the process runs on both
our Kea machines independently. Config is generated from our
configuration management automatically and aat roughly the same time,
then Kea gets restarted and with a bit of bad luck, stops working with
the mentioned ERROR on one or both the machines.

Yesterday, I had to clean the complete tables lease4 and lease4_stat to
be able to start the server again, so I guess, there is something with
the processing of leases and not my configuration.


Robin Därmann
(Network Operation Center RUB)

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