[Kea-users] Lease allocation on option 82

Bjørn Skovlund skovlund at gmail.com
Thu May 2 09:58:08 UTC 2019


I'm rather new to KEA, so I might be asking an obvious question.

We added the premium hooks, in the interest of the flex-id, however I'm
coming up a bit short for our use-case.

We want to assign leases based on option 82, sub 2, which I've extracted
with the flex-id and mapped to client-id with replace-client-id. However,
it seems that this only works for host reservations and I was hoping to use
it for lease assignment.

Use case:
We get endusers online with unknown option 82 and want to assign one, and
only one, IP address to this option 82, sub 2. If the enduser comes online
with a new MAC address, we want to offer them the same IP that they
originally got.

It seems this would be possible with a host reservation on the client-id,
but I'm trying to avoid having to copy the lease information into host

Is this possible?

Best, Bjorn
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